We offer investment brokers access to investments managed on the principle of multiple fund investments, spread across a selection of other funds of asset managers like Allan Gray, Coronation, Investec, Prudential and others that each have different mandates, management styles and philosophies. The nett result is consistent and healthy growth.

The resulting investments called ‘Fund of Funds’ are managed according to mandated risk profiles of the investors.

The benefits to the investment broker and their clients are:

  • Cost-effectiveness.  Fees are negotiated with asset management companies on a fund level, which is far more competitive than on individual level
  • Effective investment management.  Changes between underlying funds are done within the funds, which results in:
    • Simplified processes,
    • No Capital Gains Tax payable and
    • Effective and rapid implementation of changes
  • The investment committee gathers quarterly and evaluates the investment strategy. If any changes are required, these are made if needed.

In line with our approach to partner with the investment broker, we provide various resources to assist the broker in their marketing and reporting to their customers. Please visit our RESOURCES page for more.

Sage Multi Managers is a licensed discretionary investment management company.

Sage SCI Protection Solution FOF

The aim of this fund is to protect the capital investment and it has low levels of risk. It applies mostly to investors that require stable growth with relatively low income that plan to invest for a minimum of 3 years or longer. The exposure to stocks and shares is limited to 25% of the fund and its aim is to avoid any capital loss over a 1 year period. Income is derived mostly from interest and dividends, with some capital growth also possible.

Risk profile: Conservative

Sage SCI Moderate Solution FOF

This fund aims to preserve capital investment (on average over a 12 month period), at low to moderate levels of risk. It is a good fit for the investor planning to invest for a period of 5 years or longer. Exposure to stocks and shares is limited to 45% of the fund, with the balance primarily invested in interest bearing funds.

Risk profile: Cautionary to moderate

Sage SCI Long Term Solution FOF

The Long Term fund targets capital growth, whilst balancing the protection of the capital during any 2 year period. Investors in this fund should possess a higher tolerance for fluctuations in the investment value. The minimum investment horison for this fund is designed for a 5 year period and this fund has a maximum exposure to stocks and shares of 75%. It is strongly recommended that no income is withdrawn during the investment period.

Risk profile: Moderate to Aggressive



SAGE MULTI MANAGERS  is an authorized financial services provider (FSP number 47866) in terms of Section 8 of the FAIS Act.

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